Consequences of the Energy Crisis for Homeowners

Consequences of the Energy Crisis for Homeowners

Consequences of the Energy Crisis for Homeowners 1542 1028 HYPOHAUS - Swiss Mortgage Broker Experts
The energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine could have expensive consequences for homeowners in Switzerland.

Rising prices and scarce resources require a serious look at one’s own energy consumption – especially in the current and upcoming season. In view of a possible energy shortage in winter, the federal government has already launched a campaign presenting simple tips on how to save energy. What you need to look out for and what measures you can take are also presented in the current blog entry:

Typical energy weak points:

Did you know that poorly insulated roofs leak more than 20 percent of the heating energy from the house? A poorly insulated exterior facade is also one of the largest sources of heat leakage. In general, windows, roofs, heating and electricity are among the typical energy weak points in houses. Furthermore, heat loss often occurs during heating and hot water production, which is why any deficiencies should be remedied by means of renovation.

Calculate your energy efficiency:

Based on the factors mentioned above, it makes sense to take a look at your own energy bill and investigate any energy losses. An assessment of energy efficiency can be made by comparing houses of a similar type and size. However, it can also be worthwhile to hire a real estate expert who can analyse the energy efficiency in your residential property and make professional optimisation suggestions. The energy requirements can also be determined by the canton in which you live by means of a so-called combined building energy certificate (GEAK).

This is how you can save energy:

Thermal insulation, switching to renewable energy or choosing a modern heating system are efficient methods of saving energy. In addition, LED lighting as well as energy-efficient appliances are considered a welcome investment. However, you can also save energy with simple methods such as reducing room temperature, proper ventilation, turning off unused appliances, keeping radiators clear and turning off lights. Not only can you save energy and money, but you can also do something good for the climate and the environment. You can find more simple tips on the Confederation’s campaign website. Click here for them.

Finally, it can be said that planning any renovations is the be-all and end-all. You should think about taking the necessary measures in advance so that, for example, no unexpectedly high costs can arise due to the complete failure of radiators. Last but not least, renovations go hand in hand with an increase in value and long-term maintenance of the property’s value and higher savings potential for heating, hot water and electricity. But even simple methods can save energy and, above all, costs, which should be important for all homeowners in times of energy crisis.