HYPOHAUS Mortgage Profile

Which mortgage model is right for me?
Determine your individual mortgage profile.

Stable, balanced or market-oriented financing? Determine your mortgage type and find out which type of financing suits you. HYPOHAUS has developed a method using targeted questions to find out which mortgage model is right for you. Depending on the choice of mortgage model, interest rate fluctuations can have a different impact. It is therefore important to choose the term and type of mortgage to suit your needs. Factors such as the current interest rate environment, your financial flexibility and your risk tolerance are important parameters that should definitely be taken into account when choosing the right mortgage.

  • In the following, you will be shown 9 situations with two choices each. Please click on the statement that applies best to you. You do not need to think about it for long, but should choose the answer that applies most to you at the first moment and according to your gut feeling. After answering the nine questions, the questionnaire divides you into three possible mortgage type variants. You will find out what your mortgage type means when you evaluate your answers. Based on your mortgage profile, Hypohaus can work out the ideal mortgage solution for you.