Green mortgages: Attractive interest rates for sustainable properties

Green mortgages: Attractive interest rates for sustainable properties

Green mortgages: Attractive interest rates for sustainable properties 1200 628 HYPOHAUS - Swiss Mortgage Broker Experts

In a world where sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly taking centre stage, green mortgages have gained popularity in Switzerland. These environmentally friendly financing options not only offer attractive interest rates, but also promote the construction and renovation of energy-efficient homes. The MINERGIE and GEAK certifications in particular play a crucial role in this process by providing owners and investors with significant benefits.

What are green mortgages?

Green mortgages, also known as sustainable mortgages, are loan products specifically designed to encourage investment in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly residential property. Banks and financial institutions in Switzerland offer particularly attractive interest rates for such properties in order to incentivise sustainable building and living.

The role of MINERGIE and GEAK

MINERGIE certification is a quality label for new and renovated buildings that is widely used in Switzerland. It stands for high living and working quality, energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. A MINERGIE-certified building consumes significantly less energy than a conventional building, which not only benefits the environment but also reduces energy costs for owners in the long term.

The cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK) is another instrument that assesses the energy efficiency of buildings. It shows how much energy a building requires for heating, hot water, lighting and other electrical appliances and makes energy efficiency transparent and comparable. In order to obtain a green mortgage with special conditions, the property must have a respective A or B rating on the scale of A-G from the GEAK.

Advantages of certification

Attractive interest rates: Banks recognise the value of energy efficiency and sustainability and reward owners of certified buildings with more favourable mortgage rates. This can lead to considerable cost savings over the term of the mortgage.

Increase in property value: Certified buildings are not only more energy efficient, but often also of higher quality. This can lead to an increase in the value of the property and make it more attractive on the property market.

Reduction in operating costs: The energy efficiency measures required for certification significantly reduce energy costs. This eases the burden on the household budget and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Promoting environmental protection: By investing in a certified building, owners actively contribute to environmental protection. The reduction in energy consumption leads to lower CO2 emissions and a reduced impact on the environment.

Access to subsidies: In some cases, owners of certified buildings can also benefit from state or cantonal subsidy programmes that offer further financial incentives for energy-efficient construction and renovation.


In Switzerland, green mortgages offer an excellent opportunity to promote sustainability in the construction sector and benefit from financial advantages at the same time. The MINERGIE and GEAK certifications play a central role in this by setting the standards for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. For owners who want to invest in the future, green mortgages and the associated certifications are an important step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of life.

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